Are you making time for you?

Work Hard = Play Hard?

Wait a minute – aren’t we forgetting something? What about time to relax and reflect? We’re always focused on productivity at work, and self-care when we aren’t. While we love to focus on fun, there should also be time to just be calm. Here are some suggestions on how to refresh your mind this Summer.

Unplug: This one is first for a reason. With technology today, it’s nearly impossible to completely relax while you’re connected to your devices. So we suggest powering off your computer, tablet, and yes, even your phone! Otherwise, you’re sure to be taking calls, checking emails, and even quick texts will affect your ability to completely zone out.

Spa Day: If your budget allows, schedule a spa day. You deserve some pampering! Perhaps a facial, pedicure, and massage would give you the refresh you need. (Yes gentlemen, for you too!) If you’re in the mood, escape to a full-service spa with a sauna, pool, etc. You can literally spend an entire day with yourself.

Meditate: This one can happen in so many ways and in countless places. Stop thinking Buddha (unless that’s your thing) and consider a long quiet walk, lay in a hammock, or wherever your particular happy place might be. The goal is to allow your mind to become free from thought so much that your body will follow. Think of it as your body’s way of emptying its inbox. Sounds pretty incredible, right?

Whatever way you choose to relax, be sure to schedule this time for yourself. If you’re like most of us, you have to be very intentional about getting away and caring for yourself. We know you’re dedicated to providing the most incredible service for your clients, so realize that the more you care for yourself, the more refreshed you’ll be for them.

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