Are you staying active?

The holidays are over and winter still seems to have a long way to go. This time of year it’s often dark when you leave the office and your mid-day breaks may still not see any sunshine. (Thanks clouds.) So how do you keep yourself feeling good throughout the day? 

“A body at rest tends to stay at rest. A body in motion tends to stay in motion….” – Newton’s Law

Move around! 

Like many of us, you may be working behind a desk. That can make it more difficult to move around. The fact is that you need to move around for your mental and physical wellness. 

Count your steps. 

Yes, people are still doing that and we completely support tracking your activity! Whether you invest in an expensive Apple Watch or a $20 fitness tracker from Amazon is up to you. Either option will help you get an idea of how much activity you are getting, or lacking.

Schedule your activity. 

If you just can’t seem to get enough movement in during the day, schedule it. Your health is a priority and so it deserves a designated time in your daily routine. Adding a block of time for a walk, the gym, or even meditation is something you deserve. 

Mix it up! 

Explore new ways to stay active. Perhaps you alternate your activity or just find new scenery. Do a quick search to locate a park or gym near you. Arm yourself with several options that you can alternate based on your time and the weather. Wherever you choose to be active, don’t be afraid to try something new. 

Find a buddy!

Some things are just more fun with friends. There is a good chance you have a coworker that also needs to get moving. Scheduling a walk at lunchtime is a great way to get in those steps while also connecting with a friend.  

We wish you a happy, healthy, and productive 2020!

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