Are you staying active?

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Charitable Donations

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‘Tis The Season

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5 Tips That Lead to Financial Success

5 Tips That Lead to Financial Success 1. Auto-saved credit cards are the worst. Out of sight, out of mind. […]

What Bank is Right for Your Business?

Choosing the right bank for your business is so important. Business banking is so much more than writing checks and […]

Are you ready to wrap up 2019?

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Motivate with Summer Hours

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Thinking of hiring a new CPA?

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Are you making time for you?

Work Hard = Play Hard? Wait a minute – aren’t we forgetting something? What about time to relax and reflect? […]

Succession Planning – Auto Dealers, What Are You Waiting For?

Tom O’Connell, CPA Director of Dealership Services (314) 884-4019 toconnell@purkpc.com Succession planning is a process that every dealership owner thinks […]