Bring back the holiday party!

With the holidays quickly approaching, there may be office chatter about a holiday party. This is one timeless tradition that […]

Knowing your Business’ Value

Why should you how much your business is worth? If you were going to sell your home, you would simply […]

Tired of losing productivity?

A long day at the office can leave you feeling tired and sluggish. Have you ever looked to see how […]

Tax Deductible Entertainment

Perhaps it is because we are in the thick of baseball season in Cardinal Nation. Could it be the PGA […]

US. Supreme Court Decision Greatly Impacts Sales Tax

US. Supreme Court Decision Greatly Impacts Sales Tax Last week, the U.S. Supreme court issued a decision in South Dakota […]

Is it time to unplug?

“Work Hard Play Hard” isn’t just one of our favorite things to say on social media, it’s something that we […]

Measuring the True Cost

Each and everyday we decide whether to do tasks ourselves or hire them to be provided from someone else. Think […]

What is Memorial Day?

Today, like most Americans, we have closed our office in recognition of Memorial Day. While we all enjoy the long […]

Employee vs Independent Contractor

Your business has grown and now you need help. Congratulations! It should come as no surprise that there are rules […]

Social Media and Your Business

Social Media and your business If you’re using the internet, chances are, you’re using social media. It is at the […]