What is the value of your business?

If you are the owner of closely held business, you may have encountered the need to value your ownership interest for purposes such as estate planning, mergers and acquisitions, buy/sell agreements or divorce proceedings. When confronted with this task, relying on a simple rule-of-thumb metric is likely not sufficient or appropriate and the expertise of a third-party appraiser is warranted.


Our valuation team is experienced in performing valuations for a wide variety of clients with a focus on closely held businesses in the small and middle market space.

We specialize in the following services:


  • Transaction, Planning and Advisory
    • Business valuations/calculations
    • Buy/sell agreements
    • Financial due diligence
    • Quality of earnings


  • Taxation
    • Estate and gift tax valuations
    • Estate planning
    • Charitable contributions
    • Stock-based compensation plans
    • Purchase price allocation ​