Can you increase productivity with less time?

If you have ever walked in to our offices, you know that we have a creative and comfortable environment. Clients often comment on how different our office is when compared to other Accounting firms. We believe in fostering the most productive atmosphere for our team. Not only does this offer a great space for our clients, it has done so much for productivity!

While this is just the way we have always done things, we see that this way of thinking is gaining momentum. Countless studies have been done to prove to society that it’s time to shake things up to attract and retain talent.

Have you heard that some Missouri school districts are moving to a 4 day school week? To say that this is a controversial topic among parents and taxpayers alike is an understatement. Like it or not, it is happening. Will this snowball to more districts? Only time will tell, but we’re anxious to find out.

While this is new to schools, many companies have been adopting flexible schedules to better accommodate their employees and attract new ones for years. By allowing people to adapt their schedules to better fit their lifestyle, they are enabling great workers to have a better work-life balance. Parents are able to juggle their work schedule to allow each parent to help with the children and often allows then to avoid needing a before or after school sitter.

Some larger corporations are even offering mid-day part time schedules with full benefits to get great employees to be extremely productive during a shortened work day. While this may sound crazy at first, it makes perfect sense. As an employer, if you can get someone to accomplish the same amount of work in 5 hours that someone else may accomplish in 8, it is still a savings. It also entices skilled individuals who may not be able to work full time hours.

So whatever method you are considering to increase productivity, know that you aren’t alone. Companies large and small are looking for ways to retain talent and the studies are here to prove that it is working!

Don’t know where to start? Brainstorm with your team and see what would improve their quality of life through work-life balance. Don’t be shy about your goal being to increase productivity. Happy employees tend to work harder. This could be a win win for everyone!

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