Find Your Work – Life Balance Today

We know that our clients, whether employees or employers, are always aiming towards quality of life improvements. In fact, we do the same thing here in our firm. Our goal has always been to do an exceptional job for our clients, while providing a place of work that our associates look forward to being part of. Are you wanting the same? Here are some things to consider.

While most businesses operate normally on days that aren’t considered major holidays, many Christians choose to take days like Good Friday off of work to begin observing the Easter holiday. The ability for employees to choose days off has proved to increase worker happiness and productivity in countless studies.

Floating Holidays: Some companies include a select number of days that are classified as Floating Holidays. This is a great way to help satisfy the diverse backgrounds and religious preferences of employees. By allowing employees to choose the holiday they would like to observe, you are giving them one more perk and point in the quality of life score board.

The main difference between a floating holiday and a vacation day is that typically floating holidays are not eligible to rollover to the next calendar year.

Telecommuting: Also known as working from home, the ability for people to choose their work location is probably the most popular and sought after workplace benefit. This is something that technology has allowed to become extremely common. Even people who have a desk inside of the office are often supplied with laptops and tablets so that they can work remotely when needed.

Why is the ability to work from anywhere so popular? People like flexibility. The current workforce wants to get their job completed while maintaining a certain quality of life. Being able to work from your desk or the beach gives people the choice to work where they are the most productive. Many industries are able to allow for this type of flexibility. Many employers are happy to accommodate telecommuters as long as they maintain their productivity.

In many cases, employers are finding that not only are employees as productive working remotely, they are actually more productive. The bottom line, people are happy when they have flexibility and they often work harder.  Employers welcome the opportunity to have productive and satisfied employees.

Flex Time: Working where and when you want. It may sound like a dream job, right? It’s actually more common than you might think. We’ve talked about telecommuting, now let’s talk about flex time. You see, nearly everyone has a deadline, quota, or something similar that they are working towards. So in reality, does the work really have to happen between 9:00am – 5:00pm? Not in all cases.

Having a healthy work-life balance is incredibly important to all workers. Though it is obvious as to why the benefit of flex time could be a huge asset to families with two working parents. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States, 95.6% of employed fathers worked full time and 76.3% of employed mothers worked full time. Allowing flex time provides the shift in schedules which can provide  a better opportunity for families to juggle childcare.

Imagine this scenario, Jack and Jill have a couple of school aged children and they both work full time.Jack goes in to work by 7:00am while Jill begins working after she takes the kids to school. Jack is then able to leave work by 3:30pm and get the kids from school while Jill finishes up her work day. This is just one example of how having flex time would help a family with two working parents. Clearly this scenario isn’t perfect for everyone, but consider how it would work within your own life.

The game of life has changed and we have technology to thank for much of that. We hope that you find the best way to balance work and life to maximize your joy every single day!

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