Professional Athletes
Building Tomorrows, Together

At Purk & Associates, we understand that as a professional athlete, the income generated during your prime playing time needs to last a lifetime. We will work with you and your agent to perform monthly accounting compilations, develop tax minimization strategies and create a tailored plan to provide for you and your family’s financial future.

Our team members work with top athletes from the NFL, MLB, PGA and other professional sports organizations and have experience with multi-jurisdictional tax matters that are crucial to minimizing the tax burden of athletes who perform across the country and worldwide.

Contact Purk & Associates at 314.884.4000 to learn how we can bring strength and financial know how to your team to help your achieve more financial success.

Services offered include:

  • State Tax Nexus (Residency) Strategies
  • International Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Income Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Duty Day Strategies
  • Comprehensive Personal Financial Retirement Planning
  • Tax Efficient Investment Strategies
  • Athlete Specific Deduction Strategies
  • Charitable Contribution Strategies
  • Mortgage Interest Deduction Strategies
  • Registered Player Financial Advisors with NFL Players Association
  • Bill Pay Services
  • Internal Revenue Service Problem Resolution
Securities offered through 1st Global Capital Corp. Member FINRA/SIPC Investment advisory services offered through 1st Global Advisors Inc. We have advisors licensed to offer securities in the states of Illinois, Missouri, California, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Ohio, Utah, Florida, and Kentucky. This is not an offer to sell securities in any other state or jurisdiction.
Services provided for the Professional Athletes industry
Tax Compliance, Planning and Strategy
State and Local
Tax Credits
Mergers & Acquisitions
Succession Planning
Assurance Services
Agreed-Upon Procedures
Accounting & Controllership
General Ledger
Risk Management Services
Internal Audit
Corporate Governance
IT Services
Internal Control Evaluations
State and local taxes (SALT)
Income and Franchise
Sales and Use
Employee benefit plans
Form 5500
Non-Qualified Plans
Deferred Compensation
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