Keeping your Team Happy

Soon enough the sun will be beaming through your office windows and your team members will be dreaming of doing anything outside. No business owner wants to see a loss in productivity. So how do you keep your employees motivated?

Keep it Competitive: Who doesn’t love competition? Create some type of fun competition within your organization with a great reward for the winner. This could be a sales goal or quota of some kind. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! Whatever it is, keep it light-hearted and fun! Maybe the winner gets an extra paid day off, tickets to a sporting event, or something that you think your team would enjoy.

Picnic: Remind your team what you and their co-workers are like outside of the office by hosting a family friendly company picnic. This casual event will allow people to talk about more than pie charts and more about pie! Think yard games at the park that the entire family can enjoy. If you aren’t the creative one in your group, consider reaching out to a local event coordinator.

Spice it up: Ok, so maybe Taco Tuesday for the office would get your crew excited, and that’s awesome! Consider other options to break up the regular workday while still getting the work done. For example, have a remote work day where each team member is allowed to work from home if that’s possible for your particular business. If not, maybe a bring your dog to work day might be a fun (and adorable) way to keep things a little less than normal.

Be Spontaneous: No one will be upset with you if you come in on a Friday and announce that you’re letting everyone off an hour early! Maybe a late start Monday works better for you. Whatever the best idea for your business, just don’t be afraid to shake things up a bit. Also, provide your employees enough notice that they can take care of rescheduling meetings or completing tasks that may fall within that bonus window you’re giving them. You don’t want them to miss out. You might be surprised at just how productive your team can be if they know they’re getting off early, just because you’re an awesome boss!

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