Motivate with Summer Hours

Are you having a difficult time keeping your team motivated this summer? You aren’t alone. In fact, summer distraction is such an issue in companies throughout the United Stated that many have started to adopt a “summer hours” schedule – and employees are loving it!

Think about it. You offer holiday hours and your customers understand. Your employees likely appreciate the extra time with family. The same applies to summertime! Regardless of age, there are countless things people want to get out and do during the summer. From hitting the pool to taking weekend trips; a long weekend is always a popular choice.

A rapidly growing number of employers have instituted summer hours that typically run between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The most common schedule is half-day Friday. Whether you just give this paid time off to your employees or you have them work longer days Monday thru Thursday, the details are up to you. Just consider how much more productive your team would be if they could work hard 36 hours per week and have a half-day every Friday during the summer.

It’s no secret that keeping great employees happy and motivated is a struggle for many business owners. There have been a variety of motivational tools published in our blog and countless other sources. This might be a great one to adopt in your company.

We hope you’re enjoying your summer!

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