Social Media and Your Business

Social Media and your business

If you’re using the internet, chances are, you’re using social media. It is at the fingertips of consumers and a hot topic on Capital Hill as Congress questions privacy policies within Facebook. Perhaps you have already realized the place for social media within your business. Good for you! Many companies, like Purk, have adapted by using social media platforms to stay connected with their community and local events. Having a social presence has become imperative for businesses around the world.

Platforms such as LinkedIn, allows for great opportunities to network with your professional circle, in many industries. Social media is used for everything from internal company communications to a place for recruitment. You may even be like the millions of companies who choose social media as an advertising platform.

However you are using the various platforms of social media, you likely have a person or agency handling your content strategy. So what do you do if they leave? Have you protected your intellectual property? Protecting your social media presence is as important as protecting your company’s website.

So what should you do to protect your accounts?

Facebook: The Facebook platform allows access through your personal profile. While you can grant access to your business’ Facebook page for content marketing and advertising, you should always remain an Administrator on your page. This allows you to make changes to your Page Roles should you need to grant or revoke access to your page. If possible, give others another role on the page, such as Editor. This will leave the controls in your hands while letting someone else steer.

Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn: Know your login. If you ever need to change your password, you’ll need to know your login to get to the settings page. From there, it’s simple to change the passwords. Be sure have access to the email address attached to your accounts should you forget the password and need to reset it. Consider setting up an email address just for your social media activity. For example, you could have all of your accounts linked to socialmedia@yourdomain.com. This would allow you to reset passwords in the unfortunate event that someone leaves suddenly or even if you need to hand over your accounts to someone else.

We know that you hire people and companies you trust. We do too. However, protecting your company and its assets is just smart business.

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