It’s all about planning.

At Purk & Associates, we take on an active role in our clients’ tax planning, strategy and preparation, giving them personalized guidance each year. We are not just working with our clients during tax season.  Our approach is to actively work with our client throughout the year to help reduce their tax burden with the ever-changing tax laws. We can help your business reduce taxes and save money by choosing the appropriate entity form that suits your needs, research all tax law changes, year-end planning and calculations. 


We take a personalized approach to each individual and business client, with the understanding that each client is unique. Our commitment to you is to provide the best possible tax services.

We specialize in the following services:

  • Individual Taxation
    • Tax Return Preparation
    • Income Tax Elections
    • Year-End Tax Planning, Projections & Strategies
    • Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments
    • Extension Payment Calculations
    • High-net worth individuals
    • Entrepreneurs


  • Corporate & Partnership Taxation
    • Tax Return Preparation
    • Year-End Tax Planning & Strategies
    • Income Tax Elections
    • Owner Basis Calculations & Tracking
  • Estate & Trust Taxation
    • Gift Tax Returns
    • Trust Tax Returns
    • Estate Tax Returns

  • Other
    • Foreign Reporting for clients
    • State and Local Tax Filings
    • Business Entity Selection
    • Work with controllers on general ledger reviews
    • Track clients Fixed Assets and Depreciation Schedules
    • Resolution to notices & Penalty Abatement
    • Amended Tax Returns
    • Year-end adjusting journal entry help
    • Federal & State Income Tax Audit assistance